The Script Report

One of the services I offer for writers is the script report. The aim of the script editor is help the writer achieve their vision/goal, by providing them with feedback and guidance on how to improve their script. They do this by writing a script report.

What is a script report?

A script report is a document of around 8-12 pages (for TV pilot/feature film) that covers a wide range of successful  or unsuccessful factors within your screenplay. Rather than simply highlighting what could be improved, the report gives suggestions to writers from how to improve character arcs, narritive structure to format advice. A script report is an essential purchase before submiting screenplays to production companies, and can give you a competetive edge in competitions- having ensured your script is polished.


What’s covered in a script report?

Within my script reports I cover:

  • The Premise
  • Format
  • Genre
  • Unique Selling Point
  • Audience
  • Tone
  • Protagonist (goals, needs and development)
  • Structure
  • Secondary Characters (function, goals, needs and development)
  • Active Questions
  • Theme
  • Dialogue / Voice Over
  • Writers Style / Voice


How do I get a script report?

You can purchase a script report from any good script editor, and you I offer a professional script report at an affordable price and within a short deadline. To find out more information, contact me here. Or email for a call back.



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