Services For Writers

Have you got a script that needs editing or feedback? Do you want an in-depth, professional analysis of your script, and fresh ideas to help you to achieve your vision?

Whether you need help with your first draft or your last draft, your first outline or your story lining, I can help you succeed and meet your creative goals.

I offer four services for writers:

  1. Script Coverage
  2. Script Editing
  3. Script Doctoring
  4. Storylining

What is a Script Coverage?

A script coverage consists of the analysis and grading of a screenplay, highlighting what works and what doesn’t work regarding the structure, characterisation, dialogue and narrative etc., along with recommendations on how to improve the script.

Why do I need a Script Coverage?

When you submit your screenplay to a production company or competition, they will hire a reader to carry out a coverage, rating the scripts with either a pass, a maybe or a fail. Commissioning your own script coverage allows you to get an idea of what a producer would say about your script, before you send it – allowing you to get your script to the highest quality and give you the best chance of selling it.

I offer up to 8 pages of script coverage, providing accurate and professional feedback, along with theory to back up my thinking. For more information on this service, you can contact me here.

Script Editing and Doctoring

Script editing will ensure that your script is in it’s polished form – ensuring the tone, genre and structure are consistent as well as character arcs and theme. I provide one to one feedback over skype and script editor reports as a hard copy.

Script Doctoring is more extensive, this means I can help you through multiple drafts of outlines, scripts and storyling processes – not only helping with the script, but with theory too. Furthermore, with my doctoring services you are also entitled to free Skype meetings where I can answer questions, give advice, and talk through scriptwriting theory. I can also help with creating TV treatments and marketing material – even checking through your CV.


If you’re planning a TV series, plotting out the episodes or ‘plotting the bones’ is the most important part – if you don’t get the story structure right, if you don’t hit the emotional beats, then no matter how great the dialogue of characterisation the series will not make it to pre production.

With a wealth of screenwriting theory under my belt I am able to help you storyline your TV series, fixing the problems and drawing out the potential, whilst mainting the tone, genre and themes.

∴ For more information, you can contact me here.

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