I offer a number of professional script services on a freelance basis:

Scriptwriting, scriptediting services.


With a fresh, creative and unique voice, I write scripts from corporate advertising to feature films and TV pilots. Whether you need a radio drama or a radio jingle, I will provide engaging, quality scripts to whatever the deadline.

Script editing:

Whether the first draft or a final draft, I will edit your script to the highest, professional standard, taking into account copyright laws, industry practice and scriptwriting theory. I can provide a quality script edit in tight deadlines, making me a great option for editing your script before a competion deadline.

Script Coverage:

Up to 8 pages of  critical feedback on your script, which will help you pinpoint what’s working and what’s not. The script coverage is full of helpful, constructive feedback and suggestions, and is a fantastic option before submitting your script to an agent, prouction company or competition.

I also complete script coverages for production companies and competition runners. Just contact me for more information.

Script development / doctoring:

From the conception of your idea, to the the final, polished draft, I can help you develop your script into a masterpiece. Discussing screenwriting theory and practice, I will take into considerations what you want to achieve with your script, and tailor my feedback to help you towards your goal.